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The makings of a closet clean-out

By Tristy

Do you ever wander into your closet looking for something and get so frustrated because you can’t find what you are looking for? Do you end up wearing the same things repeatedly due to lack of accessibility to your entire wardrobe? Don’t worry! We all face this scenario at some point, which is why doing a closet overhaul will save you loads of time, frustration and money because you will be able to find everything you own quickly and efficiently.

I go through my closets twice a year, usually in the spring and fall, because then I am primed for weather changes as they happen. It also allows for easy purges of items that I didn’t wear over the previous season, paving the way for trendy new items to enjoy in the here and now.

I’m a busy mom and my closet seems to be the catch-all for everything. Christmas presents, birthday presents, holiday wrapping…the magic all happens in my closet, which leads to an utter disaster zone by spring. It’s nice to clean up after the chaos of the holidays and get myself re-organized. In the fall, I find forgotten items that I bought over the summer and make lists of who they go to and when. It helps me feel not so overwhelmed going into the holidays.

Here's my step-by-step process for purging and organizing closets.

master closet // before

[Step 1] EMPTY OUT YOUR ENTIRE CLOSET Yes, you read that right. Your ENTIRE closet. I take all clothing items out and place them on my bed to go through later. I line my shoes up someplace visible to go through at the very end. Folded items are placed on the floor in my bedroom or the hallway.

[Step 2] CLEAN IT UP Dust, vacuum and wipe baseboards. You don’t want to put clean clothes in a dirty closet. If you can find some cute helpers to dust and vacuum, it makes it a lot easier!


Be honest with yourself. Did the way you previously had your closet set up work for you? What are some things that would make it more organized and accessible? Baskets? Organizers? Hooks? Come up with a plan and execute.

My spring plan:

  • Sweaters, scarves and jeans find their way to the very top shelf in the closet. With any luck, I won’t be seeing those items for a long, long while.

  • Tank tops, shorts and summer dresses make their way front and center.

  • A few sweatshirts and capri-length pants are accessible for cooler nights.

  • Workout clothes are always accessible.

My winter plan:

  • Shorts, tank tops and summer dresses are put up high.

  • Sweaters, scarves and jeans are front and center


Go through each item individually. I have a donate pile and a keep stack and I sort accordingly. Hang similar items together to make them easy to find. Clothes that are important to you or the season should be front and center, and anything on shelves should be folded neatly. Items that are inappropriate for the time of year should be hung in the back or folded and put up high. Obviously, if you are blessed with a massive closet and all clothes can comfortably fit, then just make sure to group items together when you put them away. Use your plan!


I am not a girl who has a ton of purses, so this step is easy for me. If I am not using a purse, I put it on the very top shelf of my closet with out of season clothing. Shoes are sorted last. Get rid of shoes that are worn out, not comfortable or simply not worn. Not all of my shoes live in my closet, but for those that do, I am a firm believer in a good shoe organizer. Easily accessible, tidy and a good way to keep the multitudes from feeling overwhelming.


When your closet is cleaned and organized and you are certain that you love everything in it, you will feel like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders. No more hunting for that perfect item -- you will know exactly where to reach for it!

master closet // after


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